Top 10 tips to stay healthy this summer

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It is summer and it is Chennai! A hot and humid  summer from March-June does play havoc with our health .It is essential to follow healthy eating habits, increase immunity in our body and stay cool all the summer.


Summers in Chennai needs a two-thronged solution, one to keep replenishing body fluids and then cool the body!! Here are some of the tips that will help you to achieve this.


Tip 1

 Go on more of rice and millet, stay away from wheat. Have more of legume than pulses.


Tip 2

Salads are the saviours, they keep you hydrated and provide the all-important fibre to keep your body cool.


Tip 3

Fruits are a must eat every day. Don't worry much about the 'hot' and 'cold' concepts. Any fruit with more than 80%moisture.


Tip 4

Curds will be a great add-on to your general diet. Eat or drink the way you want They are such great pro-biotics that can keep you away from diseases and cool your body at the same time. Butter milk is a great drink .Just combine them with veggies like Cucumber or carrot in grated form for a nourishing drink break.


Tip 5

Cut back on sugars and fats as far as possible. Go for shallow fried dishes, fruit juices with natural sweeteners. Use Gingely oil daily in your cooking. A simple drink with jaggery water with a squeeze of lime is no match to any of those fizzy drinks.


Tip 6

Green tea is must if you are unable to avoid the junk foods!Chilled green tea is great ,make shots with almond resins or Sabja seeds and try mocktails with Elaneer or tender coconut water. Do not avoid milk though as they are great coolants too as they are rich in B vitamins. Also act as an anti-dote for many of those ‘heat’ foods.


Tip 7

Have foods rich in iron as they enhance the absorption many nutrients that can keep you disease free through the hot days. Green fruits and vegetables is must on your daily diet.


Tip 8

Take green breaks from AC environment whenever possible to get some fresh air and to help your body to replenish fluids.


Tip 9

Take an early morning walk or late evening walk atleast for 10 minutes.Don't forget to hit the pool once in a week.


Tip 10

Eating ice-creams is not harmful .Do combine them with fruits and nuts.Also try some homemade recipes to avoid the chemicals.Go in for some health friendly deserts based on millets and unrefined cereals.


Grand ma's advise of a Castor oil massage below your feet helps. It is time to get back the oil massage for your head too. Feel fresh on your face with salads.

Published 2015, My Health Basket.

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